Monday, September 08, 2008

Good Monday Everyone :o)

Can't believe another work week is here already, UGH!! Seems like the weekend FLEW by!!

I had a lot of fun this weekend though with my mom. She came to Houston and stayed the night with me... kind of like a girls night. We did tons of fun decorating things around my house that I've been wanting to do. Hung some fun stuff, put together an awesome wooden bunk bed in Josh's room (full size on bottom, twin up top), just lots of fun stuff. My house is looking GOOD if I do say so myself.

Just a quick blog post this morning. At work already and wondering when the day is gonna end already... acckk!! We're on a four 10-hour day schedule this week, so Friday off for me, WOO-HOO!!!

I will post later with some recent pages I made using my September Design Team goodies from Scrap Attack. It's my last month on the team there, and I am WAY sad. :o(

Some good TV tonight, and I'm hoping to scrap while I watch Gossip Girl!!!

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS day!!


Jeanyjo said...

Love the Picture of you and your mom tooo Cute. You wanna come decorate my house ;) lol and WOW I didnt know this was your last month :( sniff sniff Say it isnt so.... Not fair ;)

wendipooh13 said...

glad you had a great weekend!!!! and fun with your mom, I hate Mondays and being back at work, can't wait to catch up so I can watch GG and know what's going on.

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