Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So, who's a LOST Fan!?!?!?!

I cannot WAIT for tomorrow night, WOO-HOO, LOST is back!!! I've been so excited for this day, it seems like forever since it was last on. I even watched the last episode that aired to refresh my memory. It's gonna be a GOOD season from what I've been reading!!

Found a REALLY good Promo for the New Season check it out!!


Snichols said...

I'm a HUGE LOST fan!! I can't wait either!!

Krista said...

I watched Season 1 and half of Season 2, got irritated and stopped. However, since I've been hearing so many glowing reports, I may just have to Netflix Seasons 1 - whatever number we're up to now. :-)

Shemaine said...

Ohhh that gave me the chills!!! I can't wait, already set the Tivo!

wendy said...

This was one show I never really got into.

Red Oak Lines said...

i'm totally watching it right now!!! i can not wait!!!!! =)


wendipooh13 said...

ohhhh sooo can't wait for the next one.. you can not believe how happy I am to have the show back on!!!

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