Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just For Fun ~ Super Cute Home Decor Ideas

Just wanted to share some WAY fun Home Decor Projects I came across in a recent Scrapbooks, Etc. Newsletter. Definitely would like to do these some day...

Pop-Art Palette ~ design by Beverly Rivers

With a little paint and some foam-core board, nine fun cards form a spiffy piece of artwork. Start by painting a 22” square on your wall in a color that contrasts with your existing wall color. Use adhesive spray to mount your cards onto same-size pieces of foam-core board. Attach the squares to the painted square with double-sided carpet tape, and voila!—an Andy Warhol-like look without the price.

Who’s Got the Button? ~ design by Tonya Prawitt

Do you have more buttons that you know what to do with? Add some punch to a plain lampshade by gluing a handful of your favorites in various sizes and colors for a whimsical look. For a more sophisticated approach, try pearl or metallic buttons with a vintage feel.

Reflecting Beauty ~ design by Erin Terrell

Start your day with an affirmation done up in high style. All it takes is a mirror and rub-ons. The only rules are to start with a clean surface and draw light lines with a crayon-tip pencil to ensure straight placement. Work backward from the end of each line for perfect spacing. A razor blade will make quick work of erasing your lines or any errant rub-ons.

Aren't these the CUTEST projects?!?! Love them all!!


Tricia said...

I always imagined that someday my scrapbooking stuff would morph into cool home decor things like these....**sigh** where oh where is the time for me to actually do something????? lol

wendipooh13 said...

youre right great projects.. I haven't altered in awhile I really need to!!

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