Friday, January 23, 2009

My Next Read

THREE POSTS in one day?!?!?! DANG, I'm on a roll, hehe!!

Since I've finished Ricochet, which was a FABULOUS read... I chose to stick with Sandra Brown and am starting "Play Dirty". Just LOVE all of her books!!

Product Description

After five long years in federal prison, Griff Burkett is a free man. But the disgraced Cowboys quarterback can never return to life as he knew it before he was caught cheating.Foster Speakman and his wife Laura lived a charmed life before fate denied them the one thing they wanted most -- a child. Fresh out of prison and out of prospects, Griff agrees to do a job for the Speakmans that demands secrecy. But he soon finds himself once again in the spotlight of suspicion when an unsolved murder comes back to haunt him. While safeguarding his new enterprise, Griff must also protect those around him, especially Laura Speakman. Griff stands to gain the highest payoff he could ever imagine, but cashing in on it will require him to forfeit his only chance for redemption...and love.

So... has anyone read it?? If so, let me know what you thought!!


Jeanyjo said...

I am still looking for my next book and having a hard time picking one. I have been searhing "good reads" but havent decided yet

wendipooh13 said...

ohhh soo love the sounds of that and way good too!!! man how do you read so much??

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