Friday, July 11, 2008

SYTYCD ~ Fave Dance of the Week

So, how many of you know what "Krumping" is? For those of you who don't know... according to the Urban Dictionary, it is a style of dancing consisting of various chest pops, stomps, and arm swings. It is used to express one's feelings towards another through dance rather than violence.

My FAVE dance this week was Kherington And Twitch's Krump routine... definitely AWESOME, but it looks exhausting!! And DANG, white girl can dance, hehe! Enjoy!!!


wendipooh13 said...

pretty dang sweet, and that white girl can dance!!!

Anonymous said...

Mine too ! I love Kerrington and Twitch , im addicted ! I have to bookmark ya, i keep forgetting you are up and running " regularly " again ! LOL ..... LOVE the eyecandy , you always rock . Do you still hang out at TS ? I havent been on there in a long time . I saw you on my friend Kelly's blog and said " theres alicia !"
Have a great weekend :)

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