Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Organization Tools & Ideas ~ Cute Stuff & Cheap Too ;o)

I came across a few cool things that would be great for scrappy or craft organization and I wanted to share them here. Love all the fun colors and what great prices!! (You can click on each picture to see more about each product.)

Crafty Storage Tote

Canvas Storage Tote Set

How funny is this?? "Butt Station"


Lesli said...

Great ideas - thanks for sharing the info!

Leah said...

that butt guy is gross/funny at the same time!!!!!! the clips "crack" me up!!!!!!!! hehehehehe!

Shalmar Schamberger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pamela Smerker said...

OMG that Butt Station is a laugh riot! I want one! Thanks for sharing!

wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh!!!! soooo stinkin cute, I WANT one of those butt station... where do you get them from??? love it!!LOL

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