Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Scrapping... Anyone??

Well... does Scrappy Blogging count???

So... I have worked on and off on a page today, and have gotten frustrated!! Do you ever get like that?? UGH... just walk away!!!

Anyway, my bestest bud Andie called me this afternoon and asked what I was up to... not much I told her. So, she came over so I could help her get her blog going. FUN!!!

She came over, we played around a lot... and it's official... Andie has entered the CRAZY world of blogging!!!

Here's a link to her blog, so that you all can check it out... oh, and be sure to leave her some love while you're there!!

Until next time...


Marie said...

How exciting!!

wendipooh13 said...

I love your new look, think it looks great!!! I am sooo freakin blog challenged too, I need help too!!!

Jeanyjo said...

Oh How fun is that Her site Looks great I added her to my blog but for some reason cant comment on her blog I cant get any of her links to open :( I will keep trying.

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