Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun Christmas Gift Idea

I came across this idea on several blogs and sites out there and thought it would be fun to make them as cute little gifts for friends, coworkers and family.

You can use either gift bags or a cute coffee mug. I lucked out at my local 99 cent Only Store and found these WAY cute snowman mugs... perfect!!

Snowman Soup Recipe

1 packet of Hot Chocolate Mix

3 Hershey's Kisses
10 miniature marshmallows

1 mini peppermint candy cane

Snowman Soup Poem

(I printed the poem with a cute snowman graphic on cardstock and made tags.)

Was told you've been real good this year
Always glad to hear it
With freezing weather drawing near
You'll need to warm the spirit.

So here's a little Snowman Soup
Complete with stirring stick.
Add hot water, sip it slow
It's sure to do the trick!

Here's my mugs, had lots of fun making them!!


V Colbourne said...

Hey! I'm actually doing this exact same thing. But thanks so much for the little poem, that will be super cute!! :) These are just gorgeous!!

scrapadoodler said...

These turned out super cute Alecia!! You are so creative!!

Jeanyjo said...

WOW those ROCK!!! You got my address right ;) LOL

Jennifer said...

too perfect cute gifts ideas can do!

Sandie said...

I love this idea, I am definitely going to do this for a few of my friends! Thanks for the inspiration!!

positively lisa said...

I've done similar in the past, these turned out super cute!! LOVE the tags w/ the poem!

Tricia said...

when do you have the time?

Angel said...

Just wanted to say this is such a cute gift idea.. Thanks for shareing these with us..

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