Saturday, August 09, 2008

Stand-Up Comedy Anyone???

So, who likes stand-up comedy?? Ok, now... who loves small town, redneck comedy?? Me, me, me!!!

Hubby and I have a few comedians that we just love, but our FAVE is Jon Reep, who won Last Comic Standing last year. He got his start as the redneck Hemi guy on the Dodge commercials... "That thing got a Hemi??". I actually saw him perform in Houston a few years ago, before he was big and he is SO HILARIOUS!! LOVE me some good, redneck comedy!!

Well, he is in Houston this weekend at The Improv and hubby and I went and saw him last night... SO FUN!!! I'm STILL hurting from laughing so hard!! We even got to hang out with him after the show for a bit, such a nice guy!!

Here's a few pics from last night... as you can see, I was even laughing in the picture with him, LOL!!


Jenn said...

Awh ! Look at you guys, you are so cute ! That is awesome that you have a comedy club, we used to have a big one here in NJ that got big names but they closed down. I didnt get to see Last Comic Standing, there are always so many good shows i can never keep up ! LOL ....

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend !!

Jenn :)

wendipooh13 said...

how fun!!! and you two are just adoralbe, glad you got to get out and have a fun date night.... I know you'll be scrappin those soon so can't wait to see!!!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

thanks for sharing the fun

namaste melina
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Larajc said...

I love comedy clubs! Great pics!

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