Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So, what are YOU doing to be GREEN?!?!?!

We've been working on this all year so far. I've more anal then ever about flipping lights off when they're not being used... no one in my house knows how to do this I don't think (and they're all 16 and older, UGH!!). We made our own compost pile months ago, and added things to it all winter. Once it came time to plant our veggie garden we had lots of compost that we worked into the ground before planting. This year will be the BEST veggie garden we've had to date. Lots of stuff growing already. Also getting more into reusing items around the house, and recycling things too. :o)


SaScoma said...

Hapy Earth Day!
I have been using those recyclable bags in the store as well as turning off the water while im brushing my teeth instead of letting it run the whole time!

Good luck with your veggies!!! :)

Jennifer said...

~using recyclable bags in the stores, easier to carry too.

~recycle big time in this house too. Plus catalogs and mags too.

~My dad do veggies, some herbs. (can't wait for that here)

Many others.

Happy EARTH day~~>> everyday!

Kristi B. said...

we have recycled & composted here at home for quite a few years now. (I think composting is kinds but I was sooo happy to get my electric bill yesterday to see that we were able to reduce it by $20 this month. :)
Happy Earth Day!

ellen s. said...

sorry i have been so MIA! i make a serious effort to be green every day and pass that knowledge along to my kids, it's their world, too.

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