Friday, September 14, 2007


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TYPICALIFRAGILISTIC: Finding inspiration in the fragile, mundane, beautiful, outrageous and everyday things that surround us.

Get ready to welcome a new addition to the blogosphere this Saturday, September 15th!

We are pleased to announce the launching of a new inspirational, eclectic blog/e-zine for crafters! We'll be covering topics from journaling, craft supplies, new trends, photography, digi-tips, techniques & tutorials, gossip, entertainment, hip blogs, fresh artists with fresh styles, and whatever else we want to throw into the pot!
If you'd like to be a Guest Blog/Author email us at:

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lauren said...

ALECIA!!!!! your typi post is frickin' AWESOME!!! i loved it when i read the draft, but full on, with the format--and alllllllll those mouthwaterin', wow, WOW!!! :)

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