Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Double (Online) Toot for me... :o)

Just wanted to share... I submitted 2 layouts to cherryArte for consideration in their online gallery a couple of days ago. I got the email from Lu yesterday stating that she loved my "fabulous" layouts and they will be included in the gallery soon. YIPPEE!!!

Here's one of the layouts.... "Kindred Spirits".

The other layout is in a post below called "Ooh, Baby I Love Your Way...". Made using the February Two Spotted Dogs kit.
Just wanted to share!


sunny said...

I sooo love this layout Alecia. you should submit it to a magazine.

Jen said...

Very cool!

Tam said...

WOWZERS girl! That LO is awesome!

Mindy, Two Spotted Dogs said...

Wow, girlie!!! This layout is FABOLA!!! I just love everything about!!! WOWEE!!!!!!!!!!!


Jaci said...

Congrats Alecia! I just love your style! You are one talented chickie!!


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